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Multibagger Stocks

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After, huge request from our clients we have started providing a special service, called STOCKS 10x, to our worthy clients since August 2018. Stocks 10x is a High Return Delivery stocks which is increased by several times in a very short period of time. Stocks that give returns that are many times their costs are called multibagger stocks. This service is special offered to those who are fed up with everyday intraday trading and BTST, it is a sort of trouble-free long term investment which gives you a return of more than 100%. Multibagger stocks provided by our advisors and analysts will help you increase your investment multiple times.

Every investor is looking for multibagger stocks. Get free guidance for buying the best multibagger stocks at Bullish India.

What Do we include In Our Multibagger Stocks (Stocks 10x)?

  • Bullish India offers five stocks in multibagger stocks per year.
  • You can hold these stocks for 6 months (minimum) to 1 year or 2 years (maximum).
  • Multibagger is the best way to make a profit because in intraday trading if you make income in one day, you can lose the very another day. But in delivery, if you hold good stocks, you can earn a huge profit.
  • Each share will be provided to you with a gap of 2 or 3 months.

Our Achievements


Stock given @ 290 , stock already hit : 720+ & we booked all ( actually we gave this stock

Almost 2 times in our short term calls too, and we made money everytime in this counter ) 

Total stock return is more than 70% 


Another stocks 10x was indiamart given at 1620 level, stock hits 2300 mark, we booked 50% at 2270 level. And what we booked at 2270, we again bought at 2000 level. And then, we again booked a total 65% around 2200 level. And now we booked all the profit on this counter at 2450.

Stock return is 70%.


Before two days of diwali 2019: we release our new stocks 10x i.E. Polycab around 810 level, on. 5th december, stock hits 1090 mark. We booked 50% at 1050 level. And remaining 50% we book around 1100 level. All booked.

Stock return is 40%.


Stock - Sadhna nitro | buying price – rs 720. In 30 days, this stock hits at 1300+ and we booked a profit around 1300 level

Stock return is 90%

5. REFEX ind.

Stock - refex ind. | buying price – rs 75. We booked a profit on this counter at rs 122

Stock return is 70% 


Stock – Given @ 1790 Level...Stock Already Hit 2100+ Mark..We Booked All. 

Stock return is 18%.


Stock - mangalam organics | buying price – rs 475. This stock hits at rs 600+.

Stock return is -30%


We given this counter @ 335 level. Stock already hit 440+ level. But due to corona virus &

Other issue in mutual fund industry stock back to sub 310 level again.

9. LATEST MULTIBAGGER : INDIAMART Again Bought @ 2450 Level.

Counter Already Hit 4700+ Mark , My God What a Stocks....Booked .

Apart for all this you will get 10-15 short terms calls in this pack too....Roughly return in every short term calls around 15 to 20% (as per old performance is concerned) 

Waiting to see you all.

Now, We Will See What Is A Multibagger Stock Actually?

A multibagger stock is difficult to define but you can positively make out if you see one. A stock is known as a multibagger stock, if the price of that stock as per the fundamental and technical research and analysis, is increased by several times in a very short period of time.

For instance, if you had invested Rs 10,000 in Wipro in 1980, then that investment after analyzing all the splits and bonuses would be around Rs 700cr+ at the current market price, with no extra endeavor from your side. We are not even including the Rs 2cr that you will be getting as dividends each year.

Let’s have a look at the top 15 stocks which made many investors crorepati as they grew 10,000-55,000% in past 10 years, stocks like Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd, Avanti Feeds Ltd, Astral Poly Technik Ltd, Eicher Motors Ltd, Ajanta Pharma Ltd, Bharat Rasayan Ltd, La Opala RG Ltd, Vinati Organics Ltd, Symphony Ltd, Bajaj Finance Ltd, Relaxo Footwear Ltd, Safari Industries Ltd, Mayur Uniquoters Ltd, Natco Pharma Ltd, Sadhana Nitro Chem Ltd. These stocks have been multibagger many times over.

What Creates A Multibagger Stock?

There is not a single factor that creates a multibagger stock; basically, there have some or all of the following values in them.

  • Multibaggers are the companies who are money-wise sound and have a great business figure that can be scaled within a short period of time. They must have a disruptive product or a disruptive idea in the business.
  • A capability to scale up quickly is at the essence of becoming a multibagger. If a company is presenting uninterrupted growth for a longer sustainable period of time, then it would surely turn out to be a multibagger stock in the future.
  • You just need to have a high amount of serenity while investing in these stocks because they take time for 5 to15 years to become a profitable multibagger.
  • If we look at history then we can observe that small and mid-caps companies have offered the maximum number of multibagger stocks. Though, it does not mean that large-cap companies cannot be the multibagger stocks. Time and constant growth is what makes a stock is multibagger stock.

If you already missed a few multibagger stocks in the past, no worries, Bullish India offers you a mind-blowing opportunity to gain profits. If you are fed up with doing Intra-Day & BTST then we are here to suggest you Stocks 10x, the best option for all of you.

Advantages of Investing in Multibagger Stocks

Multibaggers are important for some fundamental reasons. Even the professional and experienced trading investors do not get all their intraday trading calls correct. In fact, some of them do not even get most of their investments hit on target. In stock market, there are approximately 50% market performers, 30% underperformers, 15% outperformers, and just nearly 5% multibaggers. With this kind of blend, maximum portfolios are going to underperform the stock market. Getting into Titan at Rs.100 in 2005 and exiting at twice the price after a year is not excellent news. It is only when you make a 50-bagger in 10 years that you actually have a multibagger scene to show.

The fact is multibagger stocks are strengthened by a company that raises constantly over a period of time, has some unique features such as honest management, efficient funds allocation strategies strong commercial production, and huge free cash progress.

There are some significant advantages of investing in multibagger stocks:

1. Getting a Missed Opportunity Advantage

Several in the street term multibagger stocks as taking advantage of missed opportunities. As a result, you get the profit of buying these at a discount. You can bet on excellent growth by taking advantage of something that the market ignored. The stock may be underpriced just because the sector is out of favor. By getting an opportunity to buy at a lower price, you nail your bets on a reliable growth engine.

2. Significant Return on Equity

Normally the return on equity is in loads of ways your percentage of profit from an investment. Without a doubt, the multibagger stocks are associated with the highest returns. It rewards its investors with an above-average profitability margin. So by investing in these types of stocks, you are easily catching up on the growth trend very easily.

3. Change Makers

Multibagger stocks are turnaround scenes only because they can productively go through failures. Normally the higher growth is purely a process of some fundamental changes in the business. Either the way the company managed its market or the authority that created the problem is tackled efficiently.

As an outcome, you can get a superior growth scene without really settling on the price levels. The price of the stock suffered as the street undervalued the company’s sustainability. By making a number of bold changes, the company did not just secure greater growth. Also, it brought out a reliable portfolio sign.

Multibagger made it possible for investors to get one unique growth scene that quickly changed the picture of their portfolio. A single multibagger can make a huge difference to your portfolio gains.

Get the Expert Advice Now

Finding a good stock is quite a tough task, so finding a multibagger stock is like impossible. If you are a working person then it is almost unmanageable to dedicate so much time and energy to stock market analysis and research. The easiest way for you is to sign up with a SEBI registered stock advisory company like Bullish India and get informed share market tips, advice and suggestions from the experts. And most importantly, it will significantly perk up your probability of experiencing a multibagger growth.

We at Bullish India have specialized and personalized stock market advisory services for the multibagger returns on investment. We don’t believe in making money until our clients do. If you want to know more about our multibagger stocks which are also known as Stocks 10x, you can make contact with our SEBI registered research analysts and investment advisors at +91-9988137985 or mail your inquiry to info@bullishindia.com

Charges Rs. 50000/- ( For 5 Stocks 10x )

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